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Gig impression get zero(0)

At a time all of my gig impression show “0”. I don’t change any gig last 20 days. Last night all was ok but today I notice this. Don’t know why and what I need to do. I also got an order 2 days ago I submit my order timely but the buyer didn’t get any feedback just nothing no positive or negative I just tell him maybe you forget to get the review he just answers “Yes, I have to do that” I think this is not a cause for impression and view.

Please suggest me what I need to do and how can I solve it.


Nothing you can do at all really.

If you edited your gig it may have been out of the search for a while.

If you’re relying on the Fiverr search algorithm etc. to bring you traffic, then it really is just the ups and downs of Fiverr! :wink:

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really nothing this happen not only one gig all of my gig show same result " 0"

It could be a bug :worried: but there isn’t anything you can do about it really. Must admit I don’t ever look at my stats - they don’t make any difference to me at all! :sunny:

Added - just looked at my stats for yesterday (there’s a first) - they’re all 0, so I’m guessing it’s a bug. :bug::bug:

Don’t worry, the same thing has happened with my gigs. It may be a bug or just some backend changes Fiverr has done recently, which may have resulted in this. There was some downtime recently for a maintenance update, could be because of that.

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The same thing happened with me. There’s nothing to worry about.
Have your level been updated? (either promoted or demoted or at the same level)

My Guess: It was day 15 of the month yesterday or the sellers evaluation day, and sellers are demoted or promoted or at the same level and hence seller’s gig placements were affected.

You should wait for 12 hrs more and then check your gig performance stats.

Good Luck!!

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