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Gig impression getting higher but no order

Is 2.4k impression & 42 clicks good enough? I got my last order 2 months back. After that my gig impression getting higher but no orders. Seeking advice from experienced users.
My gig link:


Forget Statistics, they mean nothing. You get sales when people like what you do, not when statistics say.

Maybe if you show work that at least reflects a customer instead of Name: xxx



@atiqur34802020 Gig Title & Image may be more attractive but description may be not good fit. Try to edit for more attractive.

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They are choosing another gig than yours, just take a look at your gig as you’re a buyer and ask yourself if you gonna buy it or no, maybe there are some mistakes try to fix them so they will choose you next time! best of luck man


Brother, open an incognito tab and open you gig. then think as a buyer. may be the description is poor than your title or thumbs.

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I’ve checked your profile and gigs and unfortunately there are misspelled words and the whole thing would benefit from proofreading. People are obviously coming to your profile but are probably turning away because of the poor use of English.


thanks for your review. I’ll look into it