Gig impression goes down


Hello dear
It is stated that my gig impression getting down without having an offer from buyer what should i do to ups and get an offer .so inspite of that i dont have much offer from customer in disply mostly it shows 0 offer from customer i dont know what to do .
Plz need your kind attention and guidence and to improve it whether my profile or accout hving some problem or something else.



I think its better to try to send daily custom offers to buyers requests.

Wish you all the best…


Thank you so much for guidence but mostly i dont have buyer offer in disply how to get it


Create more gigs…


Thanks you
How many gig can we creat maximum


It depends on your level. Check up fiverr guide page.


Where is this option how did i will reach this point


Go to selling tab > Buyers requests… Then tell what you can do for them…!!! :slight_smile: