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Gig impression going down, what do now

My Gig’s impression is going down after marketing, what can be done now. Anne One Help Me


Share your Gigs in Social Media link Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc


share your gig maximum on social media


i do it but no bani-fit. i cancel a order than down my impression please help me

o so sad butt keep it up

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so what do i now please say any topic

Oohh so sad, but dont worry sometimes it happens
share your gig on social media۔۔


If you’re posting your gigs on social media, but it’s not making any difference, perhaps the audience to which you’re promoting isn’t interested in what you have to offer.

To find out who your audience should be, you could hire a Fiverr seller to do the research for you.

Then you need to find out how to market to your target audience. You can find out how to do this by learning through an online course, or again, hire a Fiverr seller to do it for you.


Be active on fiverr 24hours and share you gigs on social media site.


share your gig facebook, twitter and others social network.

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please a sample you send me