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Gig Impression - How does it affects a gig?


How much the gig impression does carry weight in the process of ranking a gig? The reason I am asking this question because since I create my gigs around a week ago, the impressions of the gigs are increasing but the clicks and views are not increasing that much. Is there any standard to maintain the impression and click/views ratio?


No idea.

It seems that your gig description or title is not appealing enough to get clicks.

For example, have you checked how many gigs have MailChimp logo on their cover photo?
Do a search on “mailchimp”. Almost every 3rd gig has the MailChimp logo. How does this make your gig stand out? If you were a buyer would you click on this gig, especially when it has 0 reviews?


I agree with @uxreview, you have to stand out more. The thumbnails don’t look that great, the contrast and the font size is making the text unreadable, and also the mailchimp thing is so over used.

The impressions will drop if you don’t have enough CTR. The gig impressions don’t affect your gig ranking, but if you don’t attract people to order from you that will affect it.


Thanks for the feedback.