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Gig impression improve

What causes my gig impression to go down and how can it improve?


If you’ve recently made changes to your Gig, Fiverr reviews these changes. When this process is happening your Gig is not searchable I believe. You might also want to look at the keywords you’re using. This is also a helpful insight into why it might be happening and why impressions don’t necessarily reflect the success of your Gig:

I hope this helped you a bit!


Gig imperation totaly depanded on keywork.

You do add in your gig best keyword. Then will your gig impreation is increasing.

Try to create better gig. The impreation is automatic come.

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

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Do some changes on your GIG
Like gig title or description…
Then it will again increase