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GIG Impression is Going Down? Christmasss....! [WITH FIVERR.COM ANALYSIS]

Suddenly gig impression is going down from last few days. Few days back my gig was getting huge number of impression and Messages but right now its going down for all of my gigs.

Is christmas or holiday a reason behind that?

I dont know exactly how customer appear here in fiverr. I s there any way to check traffic in fiverr website for seller. Like i can see what is timing of the buyer about visiting fiverr.

It could month and Timing of the day.


Few Stats for it…I think There are some effect


image few analysis on my own


From my personal experience November and early December is usually pretty good, but late December is one of the worst parts of the year for business. For the last 3 years November has been the best month of the year followed by an average (or slightly below average) December. This year December hasn’t been too bad, but definitely not anywhere close to the November I had.


Does those analytic is fair? what do you think… I started on october but Couldn’t get any work on novembar …FOR DECEMBER I got few…But suddenly all the gig impression is going down…huge


I don’t understand your question. Could you try asking it in a different way?

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I have Attached few SS about Analytic.

Those are going down by the time.


my sales down 60%
This is the first time that happen
last year nov , dec there is no issues…

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Yeah…But I am NEw Seller…What about Impression and Clicks