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Gig Impression Issue

Hello Everyone

I am Jessica. I have an issue with my gig that i am not getting any impression on my gig i have changed both gig and tags but the gig is on same position and cannot get a single impression even my gig is not showing on any page . Can anybody help me. If anybody can please tell me.


Well, Gig shuffling is normal and regarding impressions. Its also normal. It might sound strange to you. But its not.
Your gig might have gone on to lower pages but that’s ok. You can always work to get it up. Send buyer requests wisely and reply to your buyers as soon as you can.


yes that i do regularly from 24 july to onward i cannot get a single impression

If there isn’t any impression then i suggest to contact CS so they can check or refresh your account. Let them know which of your gigs isn’t showing in search results.
What is your current level by the way

I am new seller yet but on 15 august i promoted to level 1 seller

do you have orders in queue?

yes i have 1 order in queue

So deliver it and then contact support. they will check your account.

ok thank you i contact to customer support

Its a pleasure :slight_smile:

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Dear my gig is going in this way what i can do

Did you have any cancellations or negative reviews?
Keep in mind, if you edit your gig it will take up to 48 hours for it to appear in search again.

No there is no cancellation and i have not edited

Looks like you did edit it?

yes i have edited the gig on 28 july