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Gig impression, likes, clicks, views

We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.

Why is this showing on my profile for the last 4 days…


Always is better to use time and research about question you have, before you placed Topic. In that way you will save your time for sure. :slight_smile:

Fiverr have issue with that and they work on resolving problem, as they say. We can’t do that nothing more, right?


Every seller is getting the same message. As Fiverr wrote, don’t worry because everything is still the same as your gigs continue to work, I am sure it will be back to normal soon.


The Fiverr told that your Gigs are active but till this message shown on my gigs I’m not getting a single order, Before the message Appears I’m Compeleting 2 to 3 orders on daily basis :slight_smile:

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Because it literally says it’s an issue with Fiverr at this moment. You should check moderator and staff pinned messages more frequently for the updates

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I think I am seeing the same post 10 time a day…

we need to read what it says or do some research before we ask to be spoon fed

Please show a little respect for the others! Why you start some Topic, if for example @priyasumit786 and me need to skip it?? And probably you will write same answer, who have opinion like us.

I hope you communicate with your clients much more politely.

Have a nice day!


People like @positiveboby and a lot of others are here to help those in need and not spoon feed

We all are Professionals here, who are helping the community.

If you are a Professional act like one, also do spend some time reading the Fiverr TOS as well as the Community standards. before going ahead.

The message by Fiverr is already explaining and it is understood due to some reasons there are less people working at Fiverr and it will have issues, we need to respect those, who are working and keeping the site up…

It should not matter how long it will take…they are trying there best


Placebo effect, don’t link causes together and be objective.

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This quite rude to tell us just to ignore it when you yourself not following forum rules.
Did you read them? It clearly says there not to start duplicated topics or topics that was already discussed anti search the forum first before creating new topics. And secondly it also said in rules to create meaningful topics and conversations.

What you did is only spamming forum. This question is asked on EVERY SECOND topic for the last week. You needed to try hard to ignore everything what other people wrote.