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Gig impression science

Hi respected members,

I have another account since Apr 2017 but I made gig in Dec 2017 and so far I did not get any luck, on daily routine 8 to 10 figures added in impression. But then I thought it may be due to old ID and people rejected Gig by thinking “till yet seller did not receive an order so why we order”.

So I planned to create new ID and then I created Gig on new one (every thing is same in gig). Next day I received 7 impression again. Then I spent 7 hours to make new Gig of little bit different service, then after 8 hours my first gig got 190 impression and this 2nd gig got again 7 impression.

This is the whole science that I did not understand, and keeping faith on this, some day might be some customer will come.

If any body has any experience related to my above experience he/she can share :slight_smile:

Are you saying that you have two different accounts?


Before creating the new account, did you deactivate the old account from April 2017?

Shere your gig on social media…Then you improved impression on gig …when the impression increases on your Gig then you get sale

I started my first gig a few months back, but it got only 1 single impression and i am totally confused how it works.

Is there something to promote gigs or we should just wait for orders. I just uploaded a few more gigs on my same service but with different details.

Please help me understand fiverr.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay. You can start here:

Happy reading!


@jonbaas @nikavoice I am using this account now, I removed gig from other account but did not deactivate. Is it mandatory to deactivate the account if you are not using?

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Yes it is - you’d better speak to CS before they realise you’ve got 2 accounts - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I contact to CS about this.

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