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Gig impression technique

How will i increase my gig impression and what should i do to make my gig to the top page ?


@tanvirrahman200 try to read all information, i think you get your answer:)


You can increase your impression by share your gig on social media


Share your GIG on Twitter, Quora, Facebook and instagram. Also, Create your Youtube channel. Start working on it. And Add a link to your GIG.

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Thank you for sharing this article

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Anyone share trick to improve impression… I impression getting down day by day. :frowning:


click to the search bar on Fiverr forum and search how get more impression

Improve your gig description and also check competitors gigs and you can see what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

What makes you think that Impressions are the cause of sales?

What if the cause of sales was not Impressions or lack of Impressions?

Ok you need to be seen to be able to be bought but if your Gig is not worth being seen - for whatever enquiry the buyer makes, is there any sense in it being shown? If you sell purple parrots and the buyer wants flying fish, how is there sense in Impressions?

Work on making your gig clear in what you do and show that you really do this well. This will make the Algo want to offer your Gig as a possible solution - Impression. if you gig show how you are a good choice, this will makes buyers see this as a viable solution.

There is no more to it. While people will make more to it, they will be wasting their (and your) time.



@benedictrm is right. I got my first sale on Fiverr with around 20 impressions and two clicks. It’s not the number of impressions or clicks that matters, it’s who is actually looking, and if your gig gets their attention!