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Gig impression , view and order


Hey fellows I’m new here.I have published few gigs but the impression and view is totally zero.I’m becoming frustrated .Experts tips are highly appreciated to recover this condition :frowning:


I am also facing the same issues here.
I apply buyer request daily, and always active, nice gig presentation.
But i am really worried about gig marketing.

How i can do that? i think expert will answer here


Have you got any job yet??


i got 2.But i am not getting any after that


Share your Gigs on Social Media Networks (Facebook,Twitter)


When i create my account i also face this issue. Then i focus only one gig.
So try to focus one gig that will definitely increase


Can you please tell me in detail how can I improve single gig


No. That’s not a better idea. Because each and every seller in here advertise their gigs in social media. But its better to advertise your gigs to your target audience. Non of your friends may interest in buying your gigs.
Buyer request is better way to make orders. But your quotation should be in professional way. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yeah. You Right .
But We Can Share our Gigs to Target Audience .It’s Better For our Gigs.