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Gig Impression,Views and Click

Hi Guys,
I have to ask all of you about my fiverr Gig impressions,Click and View.
I had almost 20k impressions on my my Gig but i dont know why currently my Impression are 221 and etc and these are going down on daily basis.

Can you please anybody let me know how i can get back my impressions.
I will be happy to hear the information from you.

Faizan Saeed

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The figures fluctuate all the time. Make sure you are sending out your Buyer Requests daily. You can also promote your gigs on your social media. You can also create a YouTube channel and promote your links there. All this is free for you to do.

If you can’t find your Gigs on search and this sounds like it, you need to contact CS in order to get them back up. Some of the folks had the same problem here when they edited their Gig too often.