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Gig Impressions and Clicks The number is steadily declining

The number of Impression and click on my Fiverr account has been steadily declining for about 1 month now. What is the reason for that? How to increase it? That’s why I don’t got any order. My is on the last that’s why the Impression and click has been steadily declining. Please help me with your advice…


You’ve made several posts just in the past week asking different variations of this same question. It is also one of the most asked questions on this forum and as such you can find answers easily.

Nobody can tell you why your gig is ranked in a specific place nor can anyone give you an easy answer as to how to fix it. Impressions you really can’t have much of an impact other than trying to work out the best SEO for your gig. But the algorithm seems to sort gigs around so these numbers tend to fluctuate over time.

If you don’t have a high percentage of clicks from those impressions that means that buyers who do see your gig in search results are not interested enough in your gig to click through.

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Thank you for your advice