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Gig Impressions are continuously falling

Gigs Impressions are continuously falling down. Frustrations are increasing. No orders, No message. :unamused: :pensive:

There is no secret recipe to magically get orders. But edit your gig and improve it. Maybe, it helps. Stay positive!

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I think Ranked Gig shouldn’t edit …right?

Is your gig getting ranked? But still no queries or orders?

It was ranked and i was getting orders. 23 reviews i have but suddenly all the things are stopped…

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Honestly, that’s happening to me too. I have over 60 positive reviews and am a Level 1 seller. It just happens to everyone at least once in a while. The algorithms are a mystery and so are the buyers’ choices.

Choose low competition Title for your Gig, Strong and effective description, Right Tags…
And also Keep sending buyer request…Keep sharing your Gig on social Media Fiver Gig promotion Groups
That’s it…

Is there any chance to come back and get well all the things?

I am also a Level One seller

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I wish I knew. But unfortunately, we never know what happens next. You may start getting plenty orders tomorrow or your gigs receive no traffic for a week. But let’s stay positive because we can’t do anything else. Right?

It does not work like that. Clicks and love mean nothing if you are receiving them artificially. Clicks mean something if it’s buyers clicking on the gig to know more about your service.

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Yes…We have no options. :pensive:

just try it…it may work but not immediate because fiverr track clicks and love

Done dear…I wish it may work for you…

Spamming the forum will get you into trouble with the moderators.

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

Okay thanks for letting me to know