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Gig Impressions are increasing but not get order

In My gig Impressions are increasing but no one is ordering

Can anybody tell me why it is like so.?


If you gigs impression increasing, it means that your gigs show up to people browser like the number shows. It means nothing if you choose a wrong tag and get no click.

The most important things is:
Number of impressions + number of click.
How many click did you get?

Thousand of impressions is nothing if your click is zero.
Reasons #1 : you choose wrong tag ( your gigs show on a wrong field)
Reasons #2 : correct tag, but your gigs thumbnail is bad ( people didn’t interest check your gigs)

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Very informative advice.

I get 0 click,
But chek that all the tags are proper and thumbnail of my gig also looking good compare to my competitors