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Gig Impressions at all-time LOW! - Ever after 2k+ 5Star reviews!


Is this happening to everyone or its just me? I was a Top Rated seller back in 2018 and then the Rating dropped due to the new Fiverr rating system. Now even tho I complete all the Top Rated Seller requirements Fiverr keeps on denying me the title. Maybe its because I can not bring in a particular amount of order per month. But that’s the thing.

In 2018 when I still had the title I was able to get 10-30k Impressions PER GIG on my account. Which resulted in 100s or orders per month. But now the same gigs with same titles and same tags can’t even get impressions over a 1 thousand. THIS IS CRAZY!

Nothing changed so I am assuming that the Fiverr ranking algorithm is pushing down my gigs. Which results in ridiculous results. Which again pushes them down further. It’s like a vicious inescapable cycle. Because Delivering Quality work with literally 1000s of 5 Star ratings is not doing anything.

Please do let me know how you guys help increase the Gig impressions (exposer). Please do check out my profile and give your valuable feedback. I mean it, I will appreciate it tones!

Thank you for your time!


Same situation… It seems Fiver is dead for me.

Got the same problem.

I find my gigs as in the last spot in the last page of the researches.
Also, i can understand if there is a re-shuffle of the orders shown, to give to new sellers a chance, I totally agree with it. Totally.

The weirdo is…:
if I set in the filters “show online” “show a certain time frame(let’s say 1 day)” “show per rating” It is like my gigs disappear from the list even if I got all the req. i inserted in the research.

This is really weird.

That’s wrost…

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Thank you for your reply,

The Gigs disappearing is not the issue with me, However my gigs are pushed to the end. and I have been ripped off from the “Top Rated Seller” badge, Which is a huge disadvantage.

I can understand giving chance to new sellers is important. But with limitations. Fiverr need to work a lot on their algorithm that will give equal opportunities to both old and new.

One way to do it will be deleting all the users with really bad results. Reform their TRS requirements AND STICK TO THEM WHEN MET!

Yeah i am facing the same problem with my gig. I was getting 4K or 3K impressions per day and have more than 250 completed orders but now I only get less than 100 impressions per day and my gig is on the last page but the more weird thing is that I am always getting 5 star reviews on new orders which are getting placed by our old clients but I see no increase in impressions.

If anyone knows the reason or how to solve this issue, please let us know.