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Gig impressions, click and order more other

How do I get more Gig impressions, Click and ,<<Order.>> ?

  1. First of all you have to choose an attractive gig title, It will help you get impressions
  2. Find out low competition keyword and use them in you gig title, tag, description, in package & in FAQ
  3. Place the keyword properly in your gig title, description, and of course your best targeted keyword should place first in your tag section.
  4. Use video in your gig. It help you get more impression.
  5. Do your image SEO so that is will able to find in google. Find out how to do image SEO, and do it. It will help you get order.

I hope if you follow every steps you will get more impressions, clicks <>


Gig titles are good for how many keywords?

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There are so much good keyword for gig. for example search “Logo design” on fiverr search bar and point out the available services. Again search “Logo creation” on Fiverr search bar then point out again available services. You will be understand what will be best keyword for your gig.