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Gig impressions decreasing


Hi,I am a level 2 seller on Fiverr.Everything was going fine but now,my gig impression is going down day by day.Obviously, I am also not receiving orders. Any suggestion?


I see that you have been making deliveries on that gig, though they do seem slow. Did you edit your gig around the time things slowed down? If you did, sometimes that can displace you from search temporarily and you might check to see if you are showing up in search when you are logged out. If you have access to paid promotions for your gig, you could try that for a little while and then turn it back off. (That’s new and you may not have it.)

Whether or not any of that applies, you might want to consider tweaking the gig. You don’t have a gig video, and in the PowerPoint presentation category I would consider that a must. Couldn’t you create a beautiful sample presentation, save it as a video and use it as a gig video? Fiverr has also been heavily pushing packages and FAQ’s. You might want to consider trying out packages on that gig and adding a few FAQ’s. You could look at some successful sellers in your category who have those. Don’t copy them but use them for inspiration to create something for yourself.


It happens don’t worry, it a theoretically data ,it goes up and done ,keep doing the work like use to do it will get back on track ,if there is some space for upgrade in your gig or communication try to improve that . work demand also depend upon time, season so it changes with time


thanks for this reply


Best suggestions…I am thankful to you