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GIG IMPRESSIONS down after create new GIG

I don`t know why my gig impressions going down after I add new gig I have only two gigs first gig have 20k impressions after one month I add another gig and now my old gig have 16k impressions and new gig have only 400 impressions what should I do.

Here are some important tips every seller should know [LONG]:


yeah thanks but I think something happen to fiverr We got more sales in may but past month we didn`t get much sales right

I see you set up your account in April of 2018. Fiverr gives new sellers a boost in impressions at first.

So nothing happened to Fiverr. It is business as usual. Now that you are not a brand new seller your impressions will go down. My three best selling gigs 1.4K impressions. My other gigs get 500 impressions or less. Your impressions will go down the longer you are on Fiverr. :wink:

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Giving the fact that this is summer time, most of the clients are going on vacation or doing other things than focusing on business for now so impressions will drop every summer and regarding the new gig, it’s always going to take a lot of time until you get an order and a good review to make the gig perform and grow in searches!


thank you guys, I will create another amazing gig so next month I can get more orders :slight_smile:

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don’t post any link in the forum conversation!! If you want to post your gig link then post in Separate section “My fiverr gig” !!

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It’s not a gig link, a congratulations image! Didn’t you clicked on it?

I is natural, try to market more, and stop worrying. Check this link to be more productive on the market.

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Our own Eoin has some wonderful tips here for getting through a Sales Slump. He is a :mage: at giving advice!

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thank you guys, I learned a lot of things, forum is great I want to read everything their lot of information about fiverr. thanks again for helping me. :grinning:

make new gigs and get impressions + orders