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Gig impressions down / no order for 14 days - Please help


since almost 2 weeks my impressions are going down massively.
After 6th of april my impressions are dropping day by day from over 4K a day to just 300 (all together).
I didn’t change anything, I have no warnings or bans and I’m a top rated Level One seller, but currently my whole business on Fiverr stands still.
I attached the stats of my two most successful gigs, and as you can see they drop almost on the same day (different categories).
Is it because of the rotation system Fiverr uses or does someone has an other explanation for this?

Pleas help me!


Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Thank you for the good article! I’ll definitely follow these tips. I don’t want to say, that there’s nothing i could do. But what worries me is that all my gigs dropped on the same day.


Your gigs seems moved to the last page! lot of sellers are facing that issue,. no solution

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Ok, is this a normal „rotating“ and will they come forwards again?
I changed my keywords and my gig discription so I hope it will recover

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Hold tight - you can recover. I was in a similar situation and my impressions have finally started climbing again!


Hi Andy,

Hope you are well. I am facing the same issue. I just want to know how did you get your impressions back on track? It’d be a great if you could share some tips.

Many thanks,

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Hi… I can’t be sure, I tried a lot of things (new gig pictures, changed titles, descriptions, keywords etc) but the increase in my ranking coincided very closely with me getting an order from a repeat customer. Literally the day I got that order, my impressions started to climb again. I’m only assuming that though (correllation might not be causation) it might just be an exact number of days it took for Fiverr to forgive me for something I did wrong and it aligning with an order was just chance.


Alright, thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s good that your gig is ranked again. Best of luck :+1:

And social media share always.

Is it really useful?

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Yes I also thought maybe I did something wrong and now I’m facing a sort of „softban“ but I can’t figure out what 🤷🏼
Also i didn‘t get any warning or message.
I changed my title, my keywords, my description and my prices but nothing changed.
Also i completed a costum order order of a new client with another 5star rating but also I didn’t change anything. Now I’m waiting over 2 weeks without any sell cause nobody sees me

It is useful because it will increase your impression, clicks. Your gig will be promoted.The chances of getting a job are higher.