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GIG impressions down


hi how are you gals and guys slight_smile:.
i am dying to know why my gig performance is poor , its been a year and i am still depending on buyer requests . my current rating is 100 percent , never had a dispute with a buyer , my clients love me they always come back , they always love my communication , work , responsiveness to queries and so on . i have advertising my gig through out the year on social accounts , also made some changes time to time . But it rarely happens that clients directly buy my gig , gig impressions were 21k before the fiverr maintainance period now its dropped to 12k and i am wondering why , any one here can guide me what mistakes i am making i will really appreciate it :slight_smile: .
thank you looking forward to your inputs .


Can I ask you why are you using a stolen logo as your gig image?


acctually when i started i didnt know much about it , but thanks for opening my eyes , i dont use this gig anymore but let me remove it thank you :slight_smile:


Ok. But can I ask why did you also steal this?

You should be banned in my opinion.


insert Dj Khaled voice ANOTHER ONE!

Fiverr has a bad reputation because of sellers like you. I am reporting you to Customer Support.


Shall I go on?

P.S.: Fake sellers like you are easy to expose because of the difference in quality between the gig images and what you actually deliver.


Such sellers should be banned.


Yeah, but unfortunately the site is flooded with people like her (or him - you can’t really know these days lol). These low-quality fraudulent fake sellers are harming Fiverr’s reputation while other honest and hard-working sellers don’t have half of her impressions.


Further digging:

And here’s me helping you boost your impressions. :slight_smile:


I received an unsolicited message from you about this thread, so I came to see. Unfortunately it appears that you are still using copyrighted images and have even delivered one to a buyer. Your gig shows a delivery to a buyer with this:

Which is largely taken from this:

Is your buyer aware of this copy issue?. If not, you need to correct it. You cannot sell work here that is not yours. I can mark this thread to auto,-close for you, but you should get in touch with the buyer and be prepared to explain this to Fiverr Trust and Safety if this it’s reported.