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Gig impressions dropped

As you can see in the above image it was very bad for past two days. I didn’t change anything like description or title.

Due to the order completion rate, I was demoted to no level this month. But everything was good until July 20.

I can see my gig is placed at the bottom of search results. Anyone faced the similar problem? If yes how you overcome this situation?


Cancellation is 15% now from 21%. That’s a good thing. I believe one of the orders canceled past 60 days today.


brother , i am new to fiverr even though i am new to this platform based on some research and studies of me found that cancellation of orders should not be done , if we look your gig we can see the cancellation percentage is high which will drop your gig ranking

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What @nihalcbr said is true. That is actually a huge cancellation percentage you have. Try to minimize that, I normally try to keep cancellations at least 1 per month. but end up with at least 3. But it does not affect me much cause I complete a lot of orders per month. I do understand that there are other factors in play. But from the looks of it you might have to step up your game a bit buddy.


That is very true. More than 10 percent of cancellations is alrdy too much. Buyers may not order from u when they find out the cancellation rate.

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Thank you all for input, the cancellations happened while I was sick and had around 7 active order and cancelled all of them because I can’t continue to work for around 20 days and buyers wanted refund.

Anyways, now it’s clear drop is because of cancellation rate, now let’s come to the point how can I regain everything. My thought was it’d be alright if I deliver and complete more orders in short time or after promoting to next levels. Give your thoughts guys. Thank You.


It can be due to cancellation, order completion or maybe be as a result of response rate, or your gig has been dropped down from top sellers page on your niche…

Work on promoting your gig

Sending buyer request

And keep good records with your clients

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@katecovers I can agree with you because from July 21 I was not able to reply to my client’s messages due to some issues (No new buyers, all are existing conversation). Also, I saw my avg response time dropped to 2 hours from 1 hour.

Anyone else faced similar? Also, does anyone know how much days it would take for me fix the response time back to 1 hour from 2 hours (Of course I’ll respond immediately to all messages without delay I just want to know how many days it’ll take approximately for that to take into account)

So here is the summary:

The last order canceled was on July 13th.
Everything was fine until July 20 even though I got demoted on July 15.

The only thing that happened after July 20 was the drop of avg. response time (from 1 hour to 2 hours).

I responded quickly for all new messages by the way so no drop in overall Response Rate. currently, it was 100%

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What you have to do is to wait and keep finding ways to get jobs using buyer request and promoting of your gig