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Gig impressions falling down to zero

Normally, I get around 80-150 impressions a day, but just once I changed the thumbnail and my description to look more professional, my impressions came down and crashed.

I don’t know what happened, my gig used to be around the top 1 - top 20s and when I just changed the thumbnail to make it look even better along with my description, it came crashing down and I’m no longer getting impressions FOR. A. WEEK.

Can anyone please help me?

Here’s my Fiverr Gig Link for those who can troubleshoot in-depth:


Here’s a screenshot of my gig performance according to Gig Impressions.

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Your gig’s not up to date
Notify fiverr customer support service


How is it possible for a gig to be not up to date? And also thanks for the suggestion