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Gig Impressions falling


Hi there,
Here is the link to my wordpress customization gig. It used to have very very good impressions but don’t know why the impressions are going down even though I changed the gig several times but nothing helped
can any one help me please


I’m a new seller, so I could be wrong… but I would say your title is weak. What exactly will you do? I would write something like " I will do full-scale wordpress customization including _________" or something like that. Have a keyword that is searchable.


I think impressions are falling across the site, from reports I have read. But if you stand out then you will still get quality work.


no favoring does nothing but add you to the list of their favorites and does nothing to your gig stats or rank.


Update the gig regularly is the best way, however, this is one of the way that increase impression.


uncarved, Please give me some suggestion to improve my gig impression. Thanks in advance.


impressions really won’t do much, it’s clicks and views you want more of.

Have you read the Fiverr Academy?

That’s a lot of reading and it will help


Thanks for your suggestion.


Thank you for your suggestion I will look into this point.


I thought gig impressions were beyond our control as sellers.
Is there a way to improve them?


No, there is no way for YOU to improve your gig impressions. Impressions are merely a stat that reflects your gig’s appearance in the search results or on it’s category page. Whenever someone loads those pages that feature your gig on Fiverr, you will be credited with an impression.


Couldn’t you improve your impressions with off site promotion that drives traffic to your gig?


No. Impressions are only an in-Fiverr stat. If you bring in traffic from somewhere else, it will be reflected in the Views stat. :wink:


I see, now I know the difference…thanks


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


That was my first thought. Thank you.


You’re welcome. …


This is Interesting, I will love to learn from @uncarved


is the tile better than before ?

any further suggestion about it ?


do not worry bro… things will be better after some time.