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GIG IMPRESSIONS going down day by day


My GIG IMPRESSIONS go down day by day. What should I do? Somebody help me please.


Post and share the link everyday on platforms other than here - social media, other forums, etc.


It’s normal. Fiverr gives some days to new gigs (or rotating them), then slowly began to fall in search results, as they are giving opportunity to other sellers (the reason you have good impressions at first is because your gig displaced others). You can boost it using your own marketing plan.


i agreed with both @amariemalone and @juanwriter just marketing your gigs and share as much on social platforms…


Thank you… but i did it. but no results.


give some time it will…check your gig imp daily.
(7 days wise)you and keep sharing…also check your title keep according to seo…description of your gig also count so check them or change them …


How to do gig SEO. i did daily social share. but not results


how do marketing your Gig? Kindly let me explain.


@gsmgraphic9 when you edit your gig you will see in title of gig there will be a option of upgrade to seo.please first read a little bit about seo from google.


@letme_reserch4u gig marketing is very easy but you have to know where you can share your gig on different platform like social networks of your own also marketing forum is best place for sharing your gig. copy your link of gig and share where you can see any topic related to your skill you can paste there.


This happened with me also i think your gig was featured and now its not and thats why the impressions are going down