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Gig Impressions gone down A LOT

Hello, so for the past few months, I’ve been doing fairly well on fiverr and averaging anywhere from 400-1000 impressions daily. Just about a week ago I achieved my most sales in a day (15) and the day after I got 7. But the day after that, my impressions went wayyy down from 700 average to 60 and it has been like that since. It worries me since nothing like this has happened in the few months that I’ve been selling and I havent been this low in impressions and sales since the first week I started. I am wondering why this might be the case since it is such a severe drop in just a single day. So if anyone knows why this is happening or have any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!

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This will help you If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

Thank you, this is very helpful. However, as I stated, without changing anything about the gig, I averaged about 3-7 orders a day. And those have suddenly stopped and turned into frankly, nothing. The only question I have is why this might be happening and how I could possibly get featured more often.

You’re a new seller(since Dec 2020). Fiverr gives exposure to new sellers to get some reviews and the trust of clients. I think your honeymoon period is off now. It’s your turn now to reach out or find the clients, or maybe you’re also affected by gig rotation.

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@shabanajabeen As a new seller, I am not getting any orders or something else. When my honeymoon period will start :slight_smile:

Increase conversation on fiverr forum and ask question .

Is this why you create so many posts each day, asking questions that you could easily find the answer for by simply searching either here on the forum, or via Google?

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but this is a strategy that, at best, will not benefit your profile at all, and at worst, will do your profile more damage than good, for a few reasons.

  • If you believe that there are lots of buyers seeking out sellers here on the forum (there aren’t), then seeing you posting very basic questions each day isn’t going to inspire confidence in them.
  • If you accept that the forum is predominantly populated by sellers, more so than buyers, then even if people go and look at your profile, we are NOT your target audience, and so the chances of you making a sale are very slim.
  • If you accept that the Fiverr algorithm is constantly reviewing our profiles, assessing our ability to deliver what clients want, and that conversion rate plays a key role in this, then having lots of useless traffic delivering ‘clicks’ to your gigs, but not buying, could actually be quite harmful. It tells Fiverr that you are unable to convert the traffic that comes to your gig.

I know that this advice will probably not be heeded - but this strategy of spamming the forum with basic questions all the time is really not going to help you out in the long-run.