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Gig impressions. How does it work?

Hello everyone,I wanna know about Fiverr’s gig impression. Is this the same thing as ranking among the other gigs? If I promote my gigs to lot of popular platforms around the internet will they get ranked on the top layer while searching specific keywords? I know very well that promoting my gigs is much effective to get sales. People click on it if they are interested in specific services. I am just keen to know about the ranking in Fiverr search results. So many competitions over here! Please help me out if you can understand my words. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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  • The impressions show you how many “impressions” your gig received. (More here)
  • Impressions are completely separate aspect from ranking.
  • Yes, promoting your gigs can increase the amount of sales you receive.
  • Ranking and search engine - There are plenty of articles that discuss Fiverr’s algorithm.


It totally depends on fiverr algorithm
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