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Gig Impressions Not Working

Gigs Impressions not working since a week, and since this issue is occuring I am not getting orders anymore. I am not sure if this is hiding my gigs from the search?

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Hello! @bharat1985
Fiverr is working on this issue. In addition, the gigs are still showing up like usual. I have the same issue and I have not been getting any less messages since it tracked 0 impressions/ views…
Just keep patience, it will be fixed!

Thanks for the response, but since a week, I didn’t get a single contact :frowning:

I’m facing the same issue. I also haven’t received a single order since last two weeks. Before that, I was receiving orders regularly. I don’t know when will it be fixed completely. Even I don’t know whether my gigs are visible to the buyers or not.
Little disappointed fiverr.
Please provide a good service when you promise for that.

I am still getting continous orders and messages even when nothing is being tracked/shown on gig impressions. If not, I am actually getting more than ever.

I am still not getting any impressions it’s been like 2 weeks
What should I Do?