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Gig impressions on zero since the past 4 days


Has anyone else noticed a drop in impressions, like no impressions at all? What does this actually mean?
Also, my portfolio isn’t updating either, so that’s a bummer too.


I did, after the maintenance break last week. I have ignored it so far, will deal with it after the holidays.


Have you checked if you can find your gig in the search results? At least there’s a known bug that sometimes a gig disappears entirely, or gets tossed to page 30 where no one sees it after updating it.


Me 2, the past 4 days, the statics nothing changed… I think it’s a bug. I hope that Fiverr will fix it soon…


I did, and I found my gig on the 4th or maybe the 5th page of the search result with the right keywords. The customer care guy told me that it’s been fixed now, and that it should work properly.


Things are very slow but i guess it would pick up after the holiday season.


GN it’s OK,it’s gonna get better life’s full of ups and downs don’t like the downs break you instead let the downs motivate you to be pushful.And always know that you’re great and you can do better why not the best.


It’s actually normal. Once every so often they are reset. Sometimes there is lag in the stats showing up again. Over the years I’ve seen posts pop up about it for a few days and people panic. Typically they still get some messages and even orders, although it varies. (That makes me think sometimes the impressions and views are really happening, but the display is reset during a maintenance window so brief you might not notice it.) In the rare case that you are still at 0 a week after a reset like that, just contact Customer Support.