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GIG Impressions suddenly fall from 5K to 0

Actually I face the issue in the month of October 2020 and it is 3 time when I facing the issue. Please help if you can and suggest me what i can do?

Please Help


Same issue I am also facing in twice times. Don’t know what is happening with my gig. Can anybody please suggest if there any solutions. I am really worried.

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If it literally goes to zero then it is a visual bug, and you gig is visible normally.

if it is not zero but some other number then it is your time to be rotated.

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@marinapomorac thank you for this information and please also suggest what can I do for bringing my gig in Top 5 again, Should I do all same steps again which I did in the starting. I have completed 250+ Orders with 5 star rating, total reviews 200 and most of them are with 5 star . Please suggest what can I do. I have also complained this to fiverr support but they said that everything is okay. Its a very big issue that i am facing, we fell from 5K/ day impressions to 50/day.

Did you edit your Gig?

Yes, we did but we only added an FAQ nothing else. We did not edit any tag or price.

And that is it. The moment you change something on your gig, it goes into revision mode, and one stands by. It will take some time to go back. For some, it was early, but for some, it took six months to recover, so I suggest you checked everything one more time, see if there is anything else you want to change, and then leave it.


@marinapomorac Thank you so much :blush: I just checked all the pages and now my gig is visible on 20th page.

Learn more about this…I think this is a bug.

Can you tell me, Is my gig out of review now?

am not getting any impression and click, and not able to find my gig any page by tittle or keyword search. could you please help me out? thanks

Share your gig different social media like as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and get client.

@teexpert Check your gig status by going on main site, under help type manage gigs.

@sachinsangwa413 Yes, it is live but it will take time until it ranks again.

When you change or go out of office other GIGs are prioritized

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my gig is active but know progress even two my gig is promoted but there also no progress…please advice…

Find something else to do, some other jobs, do your daily job.

To me Fiverr fluctuates so drastically you should only treat it as side job.

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100 impressions per day and my gig is on the last page but the more weird thing is that I am always getting 5 star reviews on new orders which are getting placed by our old clients but I see no increase in impressions.

If anyone knows the reason or how to solve this issue, please let us know.