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Gig impressions went down after updating my gig photos

3 days ago I changed my gig photos and my impressions have gone down in a straight line from about a 100 per day to 19 per day. What can I do to solve this?ddfdf


seo your image then everything will be ok


Just wait. I’m not exactly sure why but whenever you update your Gig its “momentum” restarts from scratch.

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Hello @designhandler,
I got your problem and also saw the image you attached here, in this image I saw that you updated your gig very constant like every day and I think this maybe the problem that Fiverr algorithm not putting you gig in top results. So i think it’s not about gig image and all.
Also don’t change your category that can also drop you rank.
I suggest you not to update your gig constantly but you can do like every 1-2 months only.

Hope you got the answer.

Thanks :blush:

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