Gig impressions


Why is there a red arrow on my gig impressions?


I also have the same problem.


impression is down you should change your tittle and tags.


what is the means of these impression


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It means that the values shown are lower than they were previously. Impressions are how many times your gig has appeared when someone searches based on your keywords in your service. These values will go up and down all the time. Just make sure you have a gig title with the keywords of your service, your descriptions uses your keywords at least three times and let’s the buyer know why they should choose you and save your gig image as your keywords of your service.


Impressions of your side are going down constantly, because of the impression there is a red arrow sign if your impression increases, you will see a green signal on the green arrow.


We do not know who we are working in fiber that impression is the impression that if your league keeps its mark on your league, then for a little while it is considered an impersonation and when the mouse button is clicked inside you, Clicking is called Thank you so much for a good reason. Many of us do not know what the impression is about



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