Gig Improvement/Orders


I want to work here i have much skills of development and designing with Ecommerce, SHopify, WordPress. But i get no orders now a days i am upset i spend too much time here but no response!!!


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Is this a really good @jonbaas impression, or are you just copying his words? I can’t tell…


He copied my words – word-for-word – from another forum topic.

@imammahadi651 – You have stolen my words, and are officially plagiarizing my comments. This is not cool. Shame on you!


yeah its works on me so i think you should also need to know the word
I am also suffering as you


Sorry @jonbaas, i should have mention your name:wink:


Are you suffering as me because you’ve also seen someone’s plagiarized comment, or does my demeanor just give off the sense of suffering?

Either way, you could’ve just linked to his original comment. If you have the time to copy-paste, why not do that instead?


Don’t wink at me, buddy. You willingly plagiarized my comments from another forum topic, and pretended they were your own. I don’t find that at all acceptable, nor does your wink make it better.

Use your own words.


Sorry, i will keep it in my mind,Thank you


Sorry, i will keep it in my mind,@jonbaas