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Gig Improvement suggestions

I used to be level 2 seller but my best selling gig got banned and i dropped to level new seller as well :frowning:
I created that again but not getting that much response , please suggest how it can be more optimized

What are you doing to reach out to the customers who need your services? You can’t really expect sales, if you aren’t trying to connect with your target customers. :wink:

Figure out who your customers are, and go show them what you do.

i just saw you do logo designing as well (Y) … can you share one or more reaching out tips please :slight_smile:

How your gig banned??

fiverr guys said due to copyright issues

You’re using STOLEN IMAGE in your gig DP. That’s not originally created by you. So you’re new gig will get banned again soon. :slight_smile:

Don’t try to stolen gig dp image from someone else or google. :smile:

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actually first one one is original and some how it went viral and many many other gigs are using it as well … fiverr doesn’t strike them even i told them … second one i took it “desperate measure” :slight_smile: … if my gig got striked then there are thousands doing same stuff why not them :confused:

How you prove - That’s originally created by you? You must have proof. If you have proof. Your banned/denied gig can be re-active. If you give that proof to Fiverr Customer support. That’s true.

If you don’t have proof then you can’t claim it. No matter, that’s created by you or someone else. :smile:

Best suggestion : Use that design for your gig dp, What you have delivered for fiverr buyers. So you’ll have proof always. - That’s the best way. :smile:

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how will you give give proof , any one can recreate these :slight_smile:
fiverr dont have time for such cases i guess , they strike what ever comes under there radar … but the issue is not this …

i need suggestion regarding optimizing gig and get better sales :slight_smile:

If you created something for yourself, You must have to register at copyright department for proof. If you don’t get register then no one can find, who’ve created that first. :slight_smile: Maybe you re-created that design from someone :smile: who knows.

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there are lots of may be’s … i am keeping an eye on your stuff now :wink: … just kidding …
but i dont want you to judge rather advice please :slight_smile:

yeah…you can… i’wd love to :smile: i’ve all those proof :smile: :smile: And i’m going to complain about you are using stolen image with all those proof… Let’s see what happen.

I had given good suggestion for you But If you want create a war… I’m on…

good for you buddy :slight_smile:

well buddy you got it suspended again … congrats you won :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to… I had given good suggestion earlier but you didn’t followed that and You argued and created your own.!!

Brother you hardly gave me 20 minutes :slight_smile:
Its okay it was bound to happen … I will use my own content now … Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Need some tips to increase my sale…

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Dear. If you so confident and That’s design is your own. I wd suggest you, Go at CS and tell them and show them, You have created that. They will re-activate your gig. :sunny: I’m telling this according to my previous Experience. around 6 month ago, Someone complaint about my gig…Some time CS do not go in deep check/balance. After I visited at CS with all proof. I have all proof. They verified that and re-activated my gig. :smile:


You are going to have to figure that out based upon your own customer market. We all have different markets, therefore, what works for me might not work for you. And, alas, since you do logo design, you are my competition, so I cannot tell you how I reach out – because I don’t want to lose my unique market. :wink:

To reach out to your customers, figure out exactly who they are, where they are located, and then go to those places, and think of creative ways to show those target customers what you can do for them. YOU are going to have to do this research if you want to be successful. I cannot do this for you.

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