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Gig improvement

Hello peeps… I’m encountering some hardship on my account, due to very long response period caused by my inactive, but now I’m fully back online. I need who will communicate with me so as to boost my communication skill and response period to be a quick response.

help me on this…

Only 1 single customer can’t boost your response rate. Try to reply each and every prospective customer as soon as possible to increase your response rate.

Even though @nafishasan is right. We can all help. I will message you, simply reply as soon as possible.

Additionally, go to Buyers Requests and send various proposals, you will get (hopefully) new orders and also questions from those buyers. Make sure you reply ASAP and your rate will increase. You will see daily improvements.

Good Luck!

I don’t mean to be a grump, but I don’t think your response time is what’s killing you. I think your biggest problem is that you’re advertising yourself as a writer of English-language content, but English isn’t your native language and this is obvious in your writing. I have great empathy for you: learning any foreign language it difficult and it can take years of practice to achieve anything more than an elementary level. But you have to recognize that Fiverr is a marketplace primarily for English-speaking customers who are probably buying content intended for English-speaking customers. If you can’t write at a native level, that’s going to be an immediate turn-off for prospective buyers.