Gig Improvisation


Hi - I need advice to improve my gig. There is no orders received so far. Your advice and guidance in my fiverr journey will be helpful


keep it up


Make attractive Gigs, post them on social media so that people know what you are offering and do bidding everyday and before that check if your Gig title is unique and contains the words that match your Gig, and select relevant tags.


Thanks for the advice, can you guide me how to do bidding


Thanks , thats helpful. Is there way I can keep myself logged in Fiverr in Phone


Fiverr does have a phone app that keeps you connected in real time, allows you to monitor your sales, and lets you read and return messages. I love it!


Thanks that’s helpful


Use the mobile app and its wifi and your mobile data connection to stay online forever.


Yes download the fiverr application from playstore and get going.


Thanks, downloaded .Hope for the luck


thanks you for helpful