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Gig in draft mode


Hy, I am new here,made new gig there is in draft mode after I made second gig although that is in draft mode,i can’t submit a request. Help me friends…


Contact customer support with full details.


did you uploaded video to the gallery? If yes, It requires approval before your gig will go live.
In such case, I would suggest you to remove the video and publish your gig. By doing so your gig will be live.
Later you can edit the gig and upload video. Hope this answers your question.


Wow that’s a nice loophole thanks.


You cannot call it a loophole. In certain categories, the video is not mandatory. But if you upload a video while creating a new gig, It will not be published until the video is approved.


I have not video …


Just edit and wait for approval.


I am waiting since last month…:blush:


Then you probably missed to enter something mandatory. Checkout again if you missed to enter any detail like description or price of something.