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Gig in endroid is it possible or not

Can we post gigs on endroid device(phone) ? Or should post with laptop thank :pray::pray:

Firstly you have to develop your skill in English. I don’t think that if you go like this, you cannot proceed to much. It is Android by the way.
What do you mean by post?

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Fiverr has an app in the play store but you can’t create new gigs from there. You could however use your mobile browser to create a gig from the Fiverr website. It’s probably easier to do it from a desktop though.


The irony is strong with this one.


Thank you @wolfhowler you feel me :pray::pray::heart:

Thanks for your edvice i will i right now developing it

You do realise that your English isn’t that great, right?

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I was about to say that, then I saw this reply.