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Gig in first page

Hello sellers…
I am new here and I need to know how to get my gig I first page of fiverr. Is there any plan by fiverr itself or I need to seo my gig.
my gig link----

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There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr. All sellers want on the first page, but there is only so many spots and those go to people who Fiverr has reason to believe will get sales. Sellers don’t get there just because they want to and complete a bunch of tasks.

“1 million,” “2 million,” “4 million real audiences” False. Of course you can’t and if you could you wouldn’t be charging $5 10 and $15. No one will believe this is legitimate.

“Promotion As Of The Day” – Doesn’t make sense

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If my Gig moved up a place in the ranking every time this question was asked, it’d be on the first page now!

(Ok, I don’t have a Gig at the moment, but I couldn’t resist saying this.)