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Gig in the first position for 3 days but still not gettng orders

I am a new seller on fiverr. I created my gig and the gig is in the first page. It has a lot of impressions and clicks but still not getting orders :cry: What should I do?


Just wait bro, I wish you get your order soon.

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Keep patient and stay online as possible.

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wait brother hopefully you will get more orders

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thank you all :heart_eyes:

Best ok luck brother

Proof that most of these metrics that people go about mean nothing at all.

Michael Jackson was the biggest selling artist in history but only a very small % of people in the world owned an MJ record. Many people in the world didn’t even know who the thrilling one was. Garth Brooks was then the biggest selling artist (bigger than U2 who were supposedly the biggest band), even fewer people really knew who he was, let alone listened to any of his songs. Most people don’t even know this rodeo fact. Yet Garth could gold plate his gold plates every morning for decades without lifting a cowboy hat.

My point is that being top of a pile of nothing doesn’t deliver anything. I would rather make a happy sale a week than have lots of “plays” that amount to nothing at all.

Of course, if you really have lots of clicks (impressions mean 9/10s of nothing) but no sales, you want to look at why people didn’t chose you (assuming they chose anyone at all that day).

Now you didn’t say how many Impression/Clicks you got so while it seems a lot to you it may be nothing more than noise in terms of Web Stats. Commonly in web terms it always used to be that 1,000 hits might return 100 interactions (on a good day). Out of those 100 interactions you might get 10 second-page clicks and if the wind was blowing from the jasmine plant instead of the lemon plant you might get one enquiry.

These days you may well need to add several 00s to the big numbers to hope to get the 1.

Now if the big numbers were statistically large enough to suggest a 1 was returned, but you didn’t: either it wasn’t you day to be lucky or your offering was boring as water on the side of the road. While that may seem endlessly amusing to you as a toad, buyers are frog princes and want exciting water with lily pads (and girl frogs). Is your puddle interesting in any way or ‘me too’ average?

Note at no stage did I say anything stupid like being online, doing nothing, or sending buyer requests with a lower price. Just to look to see if your gig is average ditch water, or has some interesting features (that aren’t unlimited revisions or 199.99% happiness guaranteed after 367 days of free support) to attract the right kind of frogs for what YOU do.



Welcome. Don’t worry I Hope you will get the order soon.

Staying online as much as possible doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t guarantee you an order. Buyers go to people who are capable of producing quality work regardless of if you’re online or not