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Gig Instability

Hi guys

How are you doing?
Please I need clarification on something. My gig has been experiencing serious fluctuations for months now! I’ve tried everything possible to stop it from doing so but it kept disappearing!
It could dissappear totally from search engine for 1 week and appear again for just 2 days. What could be the reason?

Have you edited the gig at any point? Usually that makes it vanish temporarily, or permanently if unlucky. I don’t see any other reason why it would randomly disappear, only to return again.

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Thank you so much for your response. I actually edited sometimes ago but it been a whole. I did that. I noticed I can’t find it on the search engine and I’ve not been able to recieve new client, which is quite worrisome.

What do you suggest?

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I am not so much experienced but i do have a point of view that the more revenue you make for yourself and fiverr the better your ranking is in the search list … with every cancellation my placement drops by one row the very next day(my experience) … this is for the best selling sort
For recommended sort/filter the internal/private feedback from the buyer matters a lot in fact matters the most …
moreover you can also consult the customer support for guidance they will tell you few exact probable reasons after examining your gig and you can work upon those to improve your placement … i was facing similar issues last month and i contacted them and i have worked upon few of the issues they highlighted and i have now returned to first page of my own category of logo design
The third reason can be as mentioned earlier the edits you make…
I hope it was helpful …


Thank you so much dear. I’ll take that into action and give a feedback here.

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Your observation is right about best selling sort!

After you contact with the CS, what they suggest/guidance highlighted for you?
If you don’t mind, can you share with us?

Thank you!