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Gig is active, but buyer is unable to place order!?


One of my regular buyers wants to place an order for a translation, but apparently the gig does not work at his end.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I just want to know if this is a general thing, before I submit a ticket with Customer Support.

Yours is the first I’ve seen of this particular issue, so you probably will need to do that. Good luck~ (that’s not a nice problem! hope it’s fixed soon)

It got fixed pretty quickly. The buyer turned out to be very absent minded :frowning: He managed to click the ‘contact’ link instead of ‘order now’. The first I heard of that, indeed!

I have notified Customer Support, to tell them that the ‘issue’ was resolved, LOL!

Quick! Sell them your extras! Haha, just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: