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Gig is active but does not show in search results

Hello friends,

I am level 2 sellers with more than 2k reviews. I am working as graphic designer since from 2015 on fiverr. Unfortunately from last couple of months I am experiencing some weird gig issues. My gig disappeared from listing and sometimes it come back at the top row, then disappear then comes. I contacted customer support they said my gig is active and there is no problem from their end.

I am very upset about this. My gig is related to infographics. You can find from following link:

Please help what to do?

Thank you!

Gigs are constantly being rotated in the search results. This is done to allow new sellers a chance for visibility, and is also done based on metrics such as response rate, order completion, reviews etc. If you have a good rating and many happy buyers, and your gig is converting well, it will lead to more visibility in search. But a high ranking is no guarantee, and sometimes you’ll get pushed down to let other sellers become visible.

That’s just how the Fiverr search works. All you can do is to keep delivering great quality content and customer support, getting good reviews, and making sure your gig is optimized for search and is converting well.

This happens to all of us, and I know how frustrating it can be, but there’s very little we can do about it except what I already mentioned.

Stay safe!

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Thank you for your detailed reply.