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Gig is Active but Its Pending on Support Area

Please look at the attached picture, I edited my gig title before few days, i was worked and done more than 100+ orders with this gig. i changed a title just little change but now my gig isn’t on the listings, my gig does not appear in search results. so i tried to contact customer support.

when I trying, we can see the gig status right? other my all gigs are currently on active but one of my gigs is showing “PENDING”

Customer support told me that my gig havent any issue and it’s completely working without any problem,

but point is my gig isnt on the search results. its happens before 1-2 days.

and its status still “Pending”

note:- sorry for the bad English im really disappointed and confused.

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You could take a screenshot of that and attach it and say it’s showing that it isn’t in the search index.
It says it can take up to 30 days though (though I’m sure one of mine has taken longer than that).

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Thats not a new gig, I did more than 100 orders with it, thats why i dont have any idea what this is

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It doesn’t have to be a new gig, it can happen with any old gig whenever you edit it.


shit :confused: have any idea how much time will take it? my other gigs are working fine even i edit it, that can happen because I did many works with this gig? maybe about the trusted issue or something…

I doubt that’s the reason, it just seems to happen with some gigs. I’ve never had that problem, but every now and then, someone on the forum complains about the same thing.

No idea, I’m afraid.

The gig should still be technically active (as in, people should be able to order it from your profile or through the link), so you could try promoting it outside of Fiverr.


however, this is my best gig. all the orders i did from this gig, that all got from marketplace via search and listing. thank you for your replies,i really appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Cloudcoder,

Actually the same problem happen with my gig so can you please tell me is your problem get resolved.
I edited my best seller gig few days ago and then suddenly my gig disappear from Fiverr search. Moreover that is my best seller gig which ranks on first page of search result for three keywords.

When I try to contact customer support I also get the same message.

So can you please tell me is your problem get solved and if yes then how much time it take to get back to Fiverr search results.

Sajal Giri