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Gig is awaiting details over a month

Yesterday I was happy to receive help here, I thought I’d create another topic in searching for answer to my problem.

I do have replay reviews gig, which I obviously can’t start if a buyer doesn’t send me. I do have requirements, but buyer after purchasing (1 month and 2 weeks ago) did not fill and left it on awaiting details.

What should I do about it? First he was offline for 20 days now I checked, last seen online 2 days go. I sent him lots of messages, never caught his attention nor I received any reply.

Do I just leave it or contact support?

You could contact CS but I’m not sure if they still delete pending orders. I’d just leave it.

I mean, it doesn’t really bother me since it is awaiting details it won’t ever have any impact on my stats I’m just really curious why would someone pay for gig and leave it…