Gig is disappeared


Hello experts,
I am new in fiverr and created 1st gig before 1 month. I got 5 orders from fiverr organic search and now I can see that my gig is removed from search result. When I created support ticket, they told me that your gig’s category is not in our editorial focus so it will remain inactive in search result and you can bring customers from outside the fiverr.
I want to know that why only my gig is removed from search result. There are so many sellers providing services similar to my service.
At first, I got wonderful experience because i got 5 orders and now suddenly they removed my gig from search. Now, I don’t know what to do.


You will have to ask Customer Support. We cannot answer this question for you, because we are not Customer Support, and we know nothing about your account, or the secret reasons behind the decisions that CS makes.


thank you for your reply.
I asked to customer support, but they closed ticket without answering it and marked as Solved. Should i create ticket once again?
here is my gig:


Fiverr DID answer your question. You just don’t like their answer. :wink:

They told you that your gig is not appropriate for their search listings, because it is not withing their editorial focus. This means that they do not want to promote your gig… but, because your gig remains active, and continues to be listed on your profile page, YOU can do your own promotion to bring in your own customer.

That sounds like an answer to me. Issue solved. Good luck as you begin to market and promote your gig on your own – something YOU should already be doing to begin with.

No. Do NOT open a new ticket. CS does not like that.


Then there is no other way except creating new gig :grinning:


You already have a gig for that service. Why would you make another one? Fiverr isn’t likely to put a new copy into their search results, if they already said no to the first one.

Fiverr told you that that gig service does not belong in their search listings. That’s their final answer. If you try to create a new gig for that service, just so that it gets into the listings, you’re likely to annoy Fiverr – who already said “no”.

They gave you their final answer. Move on. Start gigs for other services, and start marketing the one that Fiverr removed from their listings. Please take responsibility for your own success, instead of expecting Fiverr to do all the promotion work for you.


You can Create a Gig for a New Service

Fiver is not interested to promote the service your providing now… but they have not removed your gig but you can promote your gig at outside of fiver, by your own marketing. Some times at future if fiver allowed to promote these type of services then your gig will appear on the search.

You just keep on search about is there any other outstanding services that you can provide with your expertise, and open a New Gig which fiver allowed to promote.