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Hi guys
I need some help this is my first gig

I was getting many order form this gig daily but suddenly now showing red down arrow on gig check (attached picture) and also not getting orders now…
I have try to update tags even main images but still not getting order or good result therefore i need your great suggestions many thanks…

I’m waiting for your replys

Osman shahbaz

It means your impressions and clicks and orders have decreased.

So what i need to do…


Osman shahbaz

But how i remove red arrows from my gig ?

Looks like the only real problem is that your Impressions are down. You can fix this by updating your video - Fiverr’s ranking system likes fresh videos previews. Alternatively, you can just wait - it might be nothing more than Fiverr’s search ranking system rotating other sellers into the spotlight. Give it some time and the problem might fix itself.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Thanks a lot for help

But i not have any video in this gig… check my gig same problem red arrow

Your question was answered above by wegotshoutouts and others. You need more activity on your gig but you’d need that to sell. Ignore arrows and promote your gigs.