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Gig is in first page. But not getting orders!

Hai everyone,
I completed almost 2 months on fiverr as a seller. I got a few number of orders for my gig. Now one of my gig came in first page and it’s there for last 2 weeks. It’s getting more impression and clicks. But, not getting orders. The gig image and description all are good. I don’t know why not getting orders. Can anyone explain to me what’s the reason…? If I make any correction, it will go down…? what I need to do?


Which one of your gigs are you referring to ?

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It’s social media posts designing

One of my gig has same situation.

same situation :pensive:

share your gig in various social media it will help you to get more impression and clicks .sometimes you may get knock from client from social media.try to send buyer request properly.If you send buyer req properly it will be easy for you to reach buyers thern you can convert them .hope you will get knock from client soon .best of luck