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Gig is not appearing in search results after changing its description

One of my gig which was working very good suddenly disappeared after I changed its description a little. In my gig sections, it shows all gigs are active. but when I went to Help and support and then gig status it shows gig is pending. I tried to contact the help center but they are not accepting any more Requests. what can I do about it? when will the approve it?


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All gigs go through a review after every edit. Usually this only takes 24-48 hours, but if something caused a red flag to trigger, it may indeed be under a more thorough review.


So what can i do to resolve this issue ? It has been more than a week and my gig status is still pending.

The image you shared says to wait.
May I ask what kind of gig it is?

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Gig is about report writing

Maybe that’s it. Doing any kind of academic work for a buyer is against the TOS. If you changed the description in a way that it even might be mistaken for this kind of service, that would cause a red flag in the system.